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Klector – Cab Cards

Collector score: **** (4  Stars)

Prices reflect value in Near Mint condition


All Klector cards are rare, since only 400 of each was printed and released.

Bernard Kleckner of New York created these cards by colorizing old black & white photos using colored chalk. He typed the backs on a typewriter.  This gives them a crude “home made” appearance. They are, however, well-written and researched. The cards were printed on glossy card stock at Solomon Printing.

Cards with Bernie Kleckner’s NYC Taxi Medallion number (2M25) are worth slightly more, as they were created during his tenure as a cab driver (1981-91) and are harder to find.  Kleckner usually gave a free card to his passengers in order to encourage repeat business, thus they are also called “cab cards”.


Retail values – Near Mint condition:

Complete set of 24 cards  $300.00 – 325.00

1905 Ty Cobb, Detriot Tigers $25.00
1910 Shoeless Joe Jackson New Orleans Pelicans $20.00
1920 Jim Thorpe Canton Football Player $15.00
1925 Jack Dempsey Heavyweight Boxing Champion $15.00
1928 Casey Stengel, Toledo Mudhens $12.00
1930 Babe Ruth, New York Yankees $15.00
1930 Bobby Jones, Grand Slam Golf Champion $15.00
1931 Nick Cullop, Minneapolis Millers $8.00
1947 Jackie Robinson, Brooklyn Dodgers $15.00
1950 Mickey Mantle, Joplin Miners $20.00
1951 Larry Evans, chess champion $10.00
1952 Allie Reynolds, New York Yankees  $5.00
1961 Fran Tarkenton, Minnesota Vikings $12.00
1961 Roger Maris, New York Yankees $12.00
1962 Wilt Chamberlain, Philadelphia Warriors $20.00
1962 Marvelous Marv Throneberry, New York Mets $8.00
1966 Jim Brown, Cleveland Browns $15.00
1969 Joe Namath, New York Jets $15.00
1972 Joe Frazier, Heavyweight Boxing Champion $12.00
1973 Bobby Fischer, World Chess Champion  $20.00
1977 Rickey Henderson, Modesto Athletics $15.00
1977 Pele, New York Cosmos $15.00
1979 Muhammad Ali, Heavyweight Boxing Champion $20.00
1983 Andre The Giant World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion $8.00


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