1982 Cards worth collecting

These cards, issued in 1982, are worth $5 or more in near-mint condition.

1982 Topps Traded Cal Ripken #98T



#1 Pete Rose  $8.00

#13 Nolan Ryan  $6.00

#168 Pete Rose  $5.00

#405 Cal Ripken Jr. RC  $50.00

#419 Nolan Ryan  $5.00



#176 Cal Ripken Jr. RC  $40.00



#21 Cal Ripken Jr. RC  $55.00

#383(a) Pascual Perez  $20.00  (an error card, his position – pitcher -  is omitted)



#47T  Reggie Jackson  $6.00

#98T Cal Ripken Jr.  $150.00

#109T  Ozzie Smith  $25.00

About card hog

I've been collecting baseball cards since 1965, when I would chew on them instead of the horrible bubble gum inside. All of these cards are from my private collection.
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